Stainless steel production

Stainless steel production and stainless steel tanks under one roof

We design, construct and assemble stainless steel equipment and tanks for our own projects as well as for our customers’ particular production. We use automatic welding machines whenever possible.

Production is being managed from a complete production center in Bratislava, through following departments: warehouse, segmentation of materials, main production, workshop, assembling and welding station.

The production center is integrated with a service department, machines overhauling department for a reconstruction of food processing equipment.


Stainless tanks

  • Stainless tanks, single or double wall with duplicator for heating or cooling, with or without insulation
  • Agitators (frame slow moving, propeler fast moving, with steering and so on)
  • Pressure tanks
  • Aseptic tanks

Units and systems

  • CIP stations, pasteurization stations, reception stations, etc.
  • Cheese making equipments – cheese vats, pressing vats, draining vats, salting vats
  • Equipments for quark cheese processing- mixers, quark vats, draining belts, packaging machines
  • Butter making and butter packaging machines

Complimentary Products

  • Stainless steel constructions, platforms, staircases, etc.

Tanks Manufacture

  • Reassessment and expansion of production area, construction of elevated module for vertical welding
  • New investments in tank manufacturing- welding equipment for horizontal, vertical and spherical welding
  • Expansion of construction department- own original design of fermentation and maturation tanks
  • Design, construction and production of agitators
  • Manufacturing of tanks with volume 100.000L-150.000L possible in workshop environment
  • Experience with building tanks directly on customers site (from 200m3 do 1000m3)
  • Providing transportation (including oversized equipment) and tank installation
  • Adjustments and changes to existing tanks
  • Service operations – penetration tests of tank leaks, maintenance of agitators and gear boxes