General Technologies
for Milk Processing

  • Milk recetion
  • Storage
  • Milk Pasteurization and Centrifugation
  • Cream Pasteurization and storage
  • CIP stations

Complete Small Dairy Plants

  • Process 500 to 10,000 L of milk a day
  • Reception & storage of the milk until the final products
  • Consulting
  • Assistance with setting your business plan

Complete Production Lines for Whey Processing

  • Reception, filtration and storage of raw whey
  • Pasteurization and centrifugation of whey
  • Storage of pasteurized whey
  • Concentration of whey using membrane technology methods (RO,NF, UF)
  • Storage of concentrated whey
  • Demineralization of whey
  • Concentration and drying of whey
  • CIP stations

Supply of Membrane Technologies

  • Trained staff for assembly and maintenance of the equipment
  • Standard use – RO for whey
  • RO polisher for permeate
  • NF for whey
  • UF for milk standardization
  • UF for whey (WPC) + microparticulation
  • MF for brine
  • Supply of membrane technology units including the unit surroundings

Loose Material Technologies

  • Big Bag discharger units
  • Storage silos
  • Screw conveyors
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Weighing systems