Installation by experts

Mechanical assembly and support provided by experts in dairy technology

Installation teams

Our employees work in installation teams under the leadership of technician supervisors. They are equipped with latest vehicles, high quality tools and installation containers.

We specialize in:

Mechanical assembly — installation of technology lines, stainless steel pipelines, duplicated pipelines, machine and equipment installation, constructions, platforms

Electrical installation – assembly of trays, cable installation, fixing and wiring of appliances, electrical cabinets production

What kind of tools do we use?

Orbital welding machines Polysud,
manual welding equipment Kempi, pipe cutters Georg Fischer, etc.

High Standards in Compliance with Legislation

Manufactured welds on the pipelines have inner and outer coating of inert gas. They meet high demanding requirements set for food hygiene in EU, Food Code and STN-EN standards.

Rellocation of Equipment and Production Lines

One of our activities consists of transfering of equipment, production lines or entire plants. This is executed through following steps:

  • Entry audit of equipment
  • Dismantling of equipment from the former site
  • Transportation of equipment to the new location
  • Assembly on the new location
  • Adjustment of the technology, product and energy connections
  • Commissioning