Packaging technology

Packaging technology

Have a closer look at our packaging designated for butter, quark and processed cheese products. Individual equipment has been carefully weighted and measured. We have recorded the top bottom performances to indicate you how can modern packaging technology significantly boost your business.

Butter and Quark Wrapping Machine – aluminum foil and parchment paper

  • packaged product: Butter, Quark
  • typical weight of the packaged product: 125g and 250g
  • performance efficiency: up to 110p/min
  • dimensions: : 3 735x 2 205x 1 560 mm
  • weight:1450kg

We also offer supply of complete butter plants, including treatment and storage of cream, supply of butter making machines. Both new and used ones.

Processed Cheese Packaging Machines

  • models: triangular, square, rectangular shape
  • average weight of the packaged product:12,5-17g (triangular shape)
  • performance efficiency of the packaging machine: up to 60p /min
  • dimensions: 2 500x 1 890x 1 910 mm
  • weight: 1450kg

We also offer supply of complete processed cheese plants including cooking machines and packaging machines, also with bigger capacity. Option for delivery of used technology ( Stephan, Vogele, Kustner, packaging machines Kustner YH60, Geminy, Delta, packaging machines CORAZZA)