We at Milking are dynamic and international

Services of the company Milking have gained recognition by many factories and plants in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belorussia, Russia and Ukraine. Every year we deal with roughly 300 projects. Since the establishment of the company we have successfully developed and collaborated on over 6000 projects.

At Milking our main focus is design and manufacturing of production lines for milk and whey, production of quark, yoghurts, cheese and other fresh and frozen dairy products.
We also produce technologies for handling fats and oils, chocolate and confectionery, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, sparkling water, wine and other food products.
We also design and deliver components for production lines for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and partly also chemical industry.


Our company provides professional consulting services and coaching. We are able to step in and provide a professional advice at any stage of the production process you might need.

History of Our Company


years of experience in the market
million € annual turnover
projects annually
MILKING, spol.s.r.o.
Studená 21
821 04 Bratislava
Slovenská republika
IČO: 313 48 173
IČ DPH: SK 2020325912
tel.: +421 2 444 55 315, -6, -8, -9
fax.: +421 2 444 55 553
e-mail: bratislava@milking.sk